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Families·Tending to the Bonds

Families often run in to roadblocks that prevent them from the closeness and harmony that they desire.  At Golden Gate Counseling we will work together to remove those roadblocks and return your family to the peace, and the close bonds that you all desire.


I have been working with teens for years, and while it is a turbulent time of life, and often causes some chaos in families, it is also the most important developmental phase of life, and a time of great opportunity and excitement.  Teens can learn to become healthy, independent individuals who respect themselves, their parents and their siblings, and to set the stage for a wonderful, wholesome, and productive life.


Whether you are starting a new family or are blending two families together, when you work as a unit, together, with help and coaching, you can find ways you can restore peace in your home, communicate better, set goals for your family and develop traditions you will cherish – it can be done and I can help.

“In every conceivable manner the family is the link to our past and the bridge to our future” —Alex Haley

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